Larry is a nature photographer who in 2016 moved to the North Shore of Kauai with his wife Hisae. After 30 years of landscape photography in the continental United States, Larry now focuses on his new island home for his subjects. Before moving, he was concerned about the loss of trips to the deserts, forests, and fall color locations. But soon after beginning his exploration of Kauai he realized that the possibilities for landscape photography here are almost endless. Beautiful colors, clouds, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and more greet the eye daily, almost anywhere on the island.


Larry’s photographs have been printed in many publications, including “American Photo,” “Outdoor and Travel Photography,” “Shutterbug,” “The Photo Review,” “Photo” (France) and “Practical Photography” (England). He has won several awards, and has hundreds of images on display in corporate and private collections. He is currently represented by The Atherton Gallery.

Camera Equipment

After having photographed for more than 30 years, first a Linhof Master-Technika 4×5 and later with a Mamiya 645ZD, he now uses the Sony a7rii with Sony and Zeiss lenses. The Sony has a high level of sensor sensitivity that enables beautiful daytime landscapes as well as incredible Milky Way and other nighttime images.

Software & Printing

Larry develops his photographs with the help of Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop. He makes his smaller prints (12” x 18”) on his Epson SureColor P600, while DavidC Photography makes his larger prints (20” x 30” and 40” x 60”) on an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 with the same Epson UltraChrome HD ink set. Larry prints on watercolor paper. He likes the richness of the colors and the look of paper for his style of photography. He finds that paper helps convey the relaxing, healing, and soothing environment that is Kauai.


Larry always enjoys finding meaningful compositions: combining the tangible elements of light, color, form, and texture with the intangible elements of beauty, mystery, tension, and harmony. The desired result of this effort is the creation of emotional impactful prints.

Larry has learned that in discovering the essence of a scene and in making a meaningful photograph, a relaxed, open, and attentive mind is a requirement. The same mind is needed by the viewer to appreciate the depth and emotional content of the photographic prints.